About Us


FOUR LEGGED TILES is an Italian-Filipino company specialized in the production of unique , innovative, and exclusive handmade and hand-painted wooden tiles, characterized by their astonishing and inimitable textures, colors and three-dimensional effects and produces unparallel lines of WALL ART DECORS, WALL ACCENTS and WALL CLADDING. The first and only in the Philippines.

FOUR LEGGED TILES doesn’t only have an existing, wide range of hand-crafted wooden tiles, but also constantly works on developing new design and collections, thus offering a truly endless selection and customised solutions.

FOUR LEGGED TILES creates one-of-a-kind, exclusive and unique pieces that no one else will have, but you, as each framed display and each single tile are entirely produced by hand, with the love and attention for high quality and the tiniest details that only a skilled artisan, like our company can grant.

FOUR LEGGED TILES develops and manufactures personalized solutions for both the private and the business sector, particularly for the hospitality industry, wherein exclusively, elegance, as well as total personalization are retired.

FOUR LEGGED TILES only employs imported, kin-dried and FSC certified wood that comes from reliable suppliers. We mainly use pine wood from Northern Europe. THis wood is famous for its ductility and abundance throughout the year. For its colored tiles, our company utilizes water-based pigments, eco-friendly tinting colors and environmental sound top coating and lacquers.

Visit FOUR LEGGED TILES' in-house showroom and factory and see both our latest creations as well as the outstanding skills and excellent craftsmanship of our professional artisans that create our masterpieces. Handmade Wooden Tiles, with a story to tell. Unparalleled Wall Art Decors, Wall Accents & Claddings and customized Handcrafted Accent Furniture.)  


Something about the artist

Our Italian Artist and Founder of FOUR LEGGED TILES, LUCA VEZZARO has more than thirty years’ experience in various artistic fields. A master in hand-crafted paper products, hand-crafted and hand- painted ceramic tiles, he has now developed an unparalleled line of hand-made wooden tile, which he brought to unimaginable levels of innovation.

LUCA, after years of living in the Philippines, developed a heart that is purely Filipino. He arrived in the Philippines in 1997, where he has been residing since then. With a broad expertise in the fields of manufacturing and extraordinary skills in Arts-and-Crafts, he stayed on and was captivated by Filipino Culture, Art and Tradition.

In cooperation with very talented business partners and extremely skilled Filipino craftsmen, he continuously works on developing new wood finishing and he’s known for his pioneering use of painting techniques, as he has an innate command of the foundations of color, light, composition and natural materials. 

Each wooden Wall Art Décor manufactured in our factory carries a metal plate with the engraved signature of Maestro LUCA and FOUR LEGGED TILES, thus granting the uniqueness and the authenticity of each piece.